The parent organization of The Equalizer is the Israel Sport and Education Initiative (ISEI) Registered Association. 

The Association was created during the summer of 2012 and is registered with the Ministry of Justice.

Association I.D. #: 580558591.

Missions, goals, and values:

  • To advance and strengthen youth, specifically those in disadvantaged communities, through the creation of sportive-educational frameworks.

  • To educate children and instill values of tolerance, self-respect, mutual responsibility, and eradicate violence and racism, by bridging the gap between Israel’s multicultural society.

Volunteer Board Members and other roles:

Mr. Sharon Toussia-Cohen, Chairman of board
Mr. Effie Rosenhaus- Honorary President

Mr. Modi Bar-On, Board Member

Ms. Osnat Uzrad, Board Member

Mr. Eyal Weininger, Board Member

Mr. Neil Corney, Board Member

Mr. Maor Hod, Board Member and Secretary

Mr. Shlomo Toussia-Cohen, Adv, Legal Advisor

NGO Management:

Executive Director, Mr. Liran Gerassi

COO, Mr. Uri Shaham

CFO & Partnerships Director, Mr. Yaniv Kusevitzky

Northern Area Manager, Mr. Guy Slama

Central Area Manager, Mr. Gavriel Halevi

Southern Area Manager, Mr. Omri Danino